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Try Smoke Assist E-Cigarette FREE!

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Smoke Assist E-Cigarette Review

Smoke Assist is a newcomer in the electric cigarette marketplace and claim to have one of the premier brands available. With a very user friendly and clean website and visually pleasing packaging they might be on to something. When I tested out the Smoke Assist Smoke Deluxe Kit I found that the smoking was pleasurable and the vapor was on par with other brands I’ve tested.

Smoke Assist Deluxe E-Cigarette

The Smoke Assist Deluxe Kit comes with the following:

  • One E-Cigarette Extra-Capacity Lithium Ion Battery (Long)
  • One E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Battery (Standard)
  • Portable Wall Charger
  • 5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers – (Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Menthol & Tobacco)
  • $100 Gas Rebate Certificate
  • Smoke Assist Membership Card
  • Owners Manual

Smoke Assist Premium E-Cigarette

Not only does Smoke Assist offer a variety of flavours, they also offer two different technologies when it comes to their products. The first is the original 3-part technology that we have tested with other brands. The other is the 2-part system that combines the atomizer and cartridge in one piece to allow for a nice clean draw, and this only gets better the longer you smoke it. The battery usually lasts for 2-3 days depending on how much you smoke it, so you will get a lot of puffs between charges. The Premium Kit only comes in a 3-part technology and you will need to change the cartridge a little more often due to this, however 1 cartidge is still the equivalent of 2-2.5 packs of cigarettes, which is quite a bit.

Smoke Assist Deluxe E-Cigarette

The Smoke Assist Deluxe E-Cigarette is built using the 2-part technology and is the better choice in this reviewers opinion. I’m not saying the Premium is bad (the Premium is better than many products out there), but the Deluxe is the Bentley of e-Cigarettes. It’s simple 2-part design comes with built-in vaporizer that is built into the cartridge so every time you replace your cartridge, you will get a brand new atomizer with it. This means you will get thicker, fuller vapor smoke and generally a more enjoyable smoke. This also means that the cartridges will last longer and even though they are a bit more expensive initially they will give you a more pleasurable smoking experience and you will find that you wont have to replace the cartridges as often.

From the Smoke Assist website:

The Smoke Assist e-Cigarette is not a “cigarette”. The unit produces NO second-hand smoke, odor, flame or carbon monoxide.
The “smoke like” vapor that the unit emits is not smoke.
The vapor is made up of nicotine, propylene glycol, water and other non-harmful elements such as flavoring. Please allow this Club Member to continue using the Smoke Assist e-Cigarette in your establishment or transportation vehicle.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Each cartridge/atomizer is color-coded to designate the flavor. Also labeled on each atomizer is a number indicating the nicotine strength which is helpful.

Below is a rundown of each cartridge flavor:

  • Tobacco – Highest vapor volume. Good flavor.
  • Menthol – Fewer vapors than tobacco. More minty than menthol.
  • Chocolate – Medium vapor production. Great taste. Quite sweet.
  • Cherry – Good vapor pull. Sweet cherry taste.
  • Vanilla – Good vapor pull. Very mild vanilla taste. Not the best.

Smoke Assist states that the cartridge life of the Deluxe kit is equal to 1.5 – 2 packs of normal cigarettes. In our testing we found that this was true and might have been more towards 2-2.5 packs. Its hard to officially determine a comparison towards the traditional pack of smokes, but I think you get quite a bit of smoking before you will need to replace the cartridge.
Smoke Assist provides fast shipping on the replacement of cartridges/atomizers, however we found in comparison to other brands that their price was a little high (although we are still saving off the cost of regular cigarettes)

The Smoke Assist Deluxe electronic cigarette is a very sturdy, long-lasting, consistent model and will provide a clean and smooth smoke that you will be sure to enjoy.

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Warranty Information:
Smoke Assist’s warranty is above and beyond the competition with their “Perfection Guarantee”. They guarantee that your product will reach your doorstep in perfect condition. In addition they offer a lifetime replacement warranty too.

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